Provided with base black and white linework, the Brave Agency commissioned Stephen to colour the illustration. The brief entailed creating a "Find the hidden birds" guessing game for kids, hiding a portion of the birds while leaving some more visible. Franklin approached the project by first creating areas of flat colour and deciding on which birds would be more visible than others. He then added depth through shading and varying tones within the flat areas. After sighting the first draft the client instructed Stephen to increase the depth through a greater variation in hues. Working with this feedback he was able to produce a colourful and vibrant scene. Adding just the right amount of difficulty in spotting the hidden birds within the illustration. 

Art Direction: Brave Agency
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Completed Froot Loops back of pack illustration
Brave sent Stephen a black and white linework scan which he took into Photoshop to add colour and tone.

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