Communic8 Design needed to create a Safari-themed illustrated character for their client's print and online advertising campaigns. Stephen developed a cute toy-like character in bright green tones, wearing a Pith helmet, and searching the horizon with a pair of binoculars. The result was a loveable little character that acted as a playful mascot for this below-the-line campaign.

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Character Design: Stephen Franklin
Short toy-like character with Pith helmet and large eyes staring out of a pair of binoculars.
Stephen chose a Pith helmet for the characters main attire due to its strong association with a Safari.
Safari styled mascot character in the same pose with only a change of mouth expression.
As part of the project Commui8 design requested some basic emoji like expressions for the mascot character – Surprise, Neutral, Smug and Happy.

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TAFE NSW Snakes & Ladders TVC Illustration
Snakes and ladders illustration used as the central prop for a TAFE NSW television commercial. Final artwork was produced at a size of 3 x 3 metres and used on set. The largest snake was later animated and composited with live action to complete the ad.
Merrilake Promotional Calendar Illustration
Stephen's contribution to the Merrilake agency’s promotional calendar. He was requested to respond to the brief "Merrilake Illustrators are not just bums on seats!" in the style of his favourite artist. Salvador Dali's "Sleep" was Franklin's inspiration.
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Fuji Xerox Campaign Hero Illustration
Illustration of the Xerox 0% Finance campaign hero image for the Diesel agency. Included the preparation of finished artwork files for both print and digital.
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