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Craft is what good graphic design is all about.
Typography, illustration, photography, photo retouching and layout, patiently developed from a well-conceived concept, through to a polished piece of visual communication. It does not matter if it is for digital or print, true craftsmanship will always shine through.
Since 2006 the Stephen Franklin Design Studio has been crafting successful graphic design solutions for its clients. We have worked on a wide variety of brand identity and brand packaging projects, always striving to convey the desired feeling or information in its purest form.
With a deep understanding of print media through to the digital space, Stephen Franklin Design and partners can provide a clear and effective design strategy that will meet your business needs. We can help with creating a new brand identity, laying solid foundations on which to build upon. Or protect existing brand assets, adding value with high quality creative.
If you have a design project that requires the expertise and experience of a dedicated team of craftspeople, then contact the SF Design Studio today. Arrange for a design estimate or make a booking to suit your production schedule.
Graphic Designer & Creative Director, Stephen Franklin.
Stephen Franklin is a professional graphic designer and the Creative Director of Design and Digital at the Stephen Franklin Design Studio, and founder of Bink Kids clothing. He has over 30 years of experience crafting successful design solutions for a wide variety of clients and projects. Since 2009 he has built the digital side of the studio, Generator Codes, and is currently developing a complimentary Online Services business, Mediator Domains.
He has specialised in Brand identity and Brand Packaging, with supporting expertise in Photo Retouching and Illustration, helping individuals and small business owners transform their creative vision or business ideas into reality. This has involved consulting with individual clients to assess their design needs or working closely with the creative teams and art directors of other small design studios through to internationally recognised agencies. A recent example of this is his work on the ARCV (Association of Rangers and Conservationists) brand identity, and the design refresh of the Tony Ferguson product range.   

Franklin has earned multiple technical certifications from Adobe, most notably Certified Design Master and Design Specialist. He regularly updates his skill set, recently completing the Front-End Web Developer learning path on LinkedIn learning and is currently working through a corresponding series of courses on becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer.
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