Provided with line drawings of the two central characters, Stephen's brief was to illustrate the surrounding environment and create the "Choc-1" mobile. He had to allow space in the rear passenger seat for kids to place a cut out photo of themselves. Stephen drew inspiration for the vehicle from the classic 1950's Cadillac convertible design, adding bovine embellishments and a colour scheme to match. For the surrounding street scene, Franklin created a surreal breakfast town with street signs that would be used later for branding placement and descriptions. The final illustration came together as a perfectly playful back of pack activity for the Coco Pops brand packaging. 

Art Direction: Brave Agency
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Completed Coco Pops back of pack illustration
Base artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator, and then taken into Photoshop to add textures and shading.

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Kin Khao Brand Identity
Identity design for Kin Khao Thai restaurant, Athlone, Ireland. The design was executed across interiors, signage, menus, newspaper ads and other marketing materials.
Thick & Thirsty Point of Sale Hero Image Retouching
Retouching of hero image for Thick & Thirsty point of sale promotion.
Braams Brand and Marketing Collateral
Creative direction and production of Braams Property Services design collateral, and marketing materials from 1997 through to 2001.
SoundNet Newsletter and Masthead
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College Portfolio
Portfolio submitted as a requirement for graduating from the KvB College of Visual Communication, Sydney Australia. Stephen received a diploma in Graphic Design on the 7th of December 1987.
Microsoft Communiqué Cover Image
Front cover image for the Microsoft Communiqué magazine featuring the new Microsoft Front Page application. Utilising Alias Sketch 3D software to set the lighting and texturing of the composition of the image, and Photoshop for the final shading and colour balance.
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