Escape to Luz was a small family holiday company based in Ireland. They specialised in personalised holidays to the Costa de la Luz in the Southwest of Spain. As part of their brand identity design Stephen produced a marketing brochure for them, designing the layout and illustrating the cover. He drew inspiration for the cover image from the local Spanish architecture, with its bright white walls, and terracotta roof tiles. All bathing in the sun under beautiful blue skies. The result was an image that evoked a sense of freedom and escape, especially from the cold of the Irish winter. 

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Escape to Luz brochure cover illustration.
The illustration’s graphic style is reminiscent of a 1950’s poster or postcard design.
Escape to Luz brochure.
Cover illustration in place on the final print. A flat A4 size folded to an A5 tent card.

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