Photo Retouching

Photo retouching and the art of Illusion. Photo manipulation through various retouching and image editing techniques is the art of making real the unreal, of seeing beyond the surface layer of reality to a world of imagination and wonder. Like illustration, photo retouching can illuminate its subject through a careful study of its underlying qualities. Subtly enhancing through tone, colour and composition brings these features into the foreground. Retouching Studio, serving Ballarat, Melbourne, and Victoria. Stephen Franklin Design can trace their retouching skills back to traditional darkroom techniques, masking images with rubylith, hand spotting negatives with opaque or burning in tone. The switch to digital photo retouching with the first release of Adobe Photoshop in the nineties, was therefore a natural progression to those image editing capabilities. Digital image manipulation must be handled with great attention to detail. Approaching physical enhancements and colour correction in a methodical way creates a visual balance. This is the way the illusion of reality is created. The viewer must be able to step into a world created through subtle visual augmentation or the overwhelming effect of vibrant colour changes. When presented with a challenging retouching project, attention to detail is just one facet of our skillset brought to bear at the Stephen Franklin Design Studio. The portfolio examples presented below will provide insight into the unwavering focus we can provide for your next visual creative brief.

Jaguar Automotive Retouching
Speculative Jaguar automotive retouching project. Developed a single test image for a request for proposal.
Client: Photographic Studio
Categories: Retouching, Photography
Nissan Juke Colour Change and Automotive Retouching
Colour change of the white Nissan Juke and automotive retouching of variant specific trim for the Nissan After Sales marketing materials. These retouched images supported the release of this car model in the Australian market.
Client: Nissan After Sales
Categories: Retouching, Photography
Whirlpool Stella Washer & Dryer Retouching
Retouching of the European Stella range of washer and dryer from Whirlpool for the Ishimodo brand design agency. Included product localisation from French to English along with clean-up of image backgrounds and minor colour changes.
Client: Whirlpool
Categories: Retouching, Product Photography, Photography
Bayer Luna Retouching
TAFE Hero Image Retouching
Haymes Paint Retouching
Nissan Navara Retouching
Nissan Navara retouching. Post production work on Nissan Navara images for The Fuel Agency. The brief was to comp the canopy from one model of Navara to another matching the same visual perspective.
Digital Photography, Photography, Retouching
Nissan Duke Automotive Retouching
Retouching of the Nissan Duke product photography, for use in Nissan After Sales marketing materials.
Glove Photo Retouching
Retouching of glove photography for Mark My Words Marketing and Advertising.
Ishimodo Self Promotion
Retouching, Graphic Design, Print Design
Connex All Ears Retouching
Guild DM Retouching
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