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Love of the vector and visual representation in digital illustration. Illustration has a powerful role to play in design, capturing the essence of its subject in a heartbeat, yet providing a world of information for its intended audience. The popularity of Manga (Japanese comics) is testament to this fact. The images of these graphic novels are meant to be "read", not glanced at, giving them the same depth of meaning as the printed word. Digital Artwork and Illustrative Design, from a studio serving Ballarat, Melbourne, and Victoria. The love of illustration began with a vector for Stephen Franklin. Having always drawn with traditional media such as pencil and marker pen, it was an introduction to Adobe Illustrator that set his creativity free. Being able to experiment without restriction, as is characteristic of digital illustration, opened many artistic possibilities. When a client presents a brief that can benefit from a graphic illustration it is important to remember the support role it plays. Presenting visual keys to complex data with information graphics or bringing form to abstract ideas through stylised artwork. Maps, technical and scientific illustrations, even fantasy art all have the same task, providing a visual representation of a creative concept. When approaching a piece of graphic artwork, working to find the most succinct way to present your creative concept is the driving aim at Stephen Franklin Design. This is evident in the illustration portfolio examples presented below. Let us know what you think.

Escape to Luz Illustration
Cover illustration for the Escape to Luz promotional brochure.
Client: Escape to Luz
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
Froot Loops Back of Pack Illustration
A promotional back of pack illustration created for Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal packaging.
Client: Kellogg’s
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging
TAFE NSW Snakes & Ladders TVC Illustration
Snakes and ladders illustration used as the central prop for a TAFE NSW television commercial. Final artwork was produced at a size of 3 x 3 metres and used on set. The largest snake was later animated and composited with live action to complete the ad.
Client: TAFE NSW
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising
Xerox Campaign Hero Illustration
Illustration of the Xerox 0% Finance campaign hero image for the Desiel agency.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising
Search Mascot Illustration
Illustration, Graphic Design
Coco Pops Back of Pack Illustration
A promotional back of pack illustration for Kellogg's Coco Pops cereal packaging.
Client: Kellogg’s
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging
Merrilake Promotional Calendar Illustration
Stephen's contribution to the Merrilake agency’s promotional calendar. He was requested to respond to the brief "Merrilake Illustrators are not just bums on seats!" in the style of his favourite artist. Salvador Dali's "Sleep" was Franklin's inspiration.
Client: Merrilake
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Art
Microsoft Windows Server NT Image
Cover illustration created for a Microsoft Windows Server NT sales brochure for the Frontline agency, Sydney. 
Client: Microsoft
Categories: Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Humpback Whales White Sash and Sacha Illustration
Digital illustration of a mother and calf Humpback Whale, White Sash and Sacha, sighted and named by The Oceania Project during their research expedition in Hervey Bay, Queensland.
Client: The Oceania Project
Categories: Illustration, Digital Art, Digital Painting
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