With no photography of the yellow Nissan Juke model in hand, The Fuel Agency asked Stephen if he could manipulate an existing image of a white Nissan Juke. The project also involved the removal of vehicle trimming not available for the Australian release of this automotive range. For the white Juke, Stephen needed to add a solid grey tonal map to colourise with yellow. He then added an overlay of red to match the final product's correct hue and colour strength. The black trim was added afterwards. Franklin then moved on to removing the trim from the additional car variants. The outcome was a seamless retouched selection of images ready for use in multiple pieces of Nissan After Sales marketing collateral.

Art Direction: The Fuel Agency
Photography: Glenn Gibson – Blue Fish Productions
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Unedited White Nissan Juke with blue trim.
Unedited image with existing white body and blue trim. This was used as the source image for the colour change. Source: Blue Fish Productions.
Animated GIF showing stages of retouching of Nissan Juke car from white to yellow.
Build-up of retouching to the yellow model with black trim. A rich red tone was added to the yellow to match the real colour strength of this Nissan Juke variant.
Retouched yellow Nissan Juke car.
Final image of the yellow Nissan Juke with body colour and trim features retouching completed.
Animated GIF showing stages of retouching of the red Nissan Juke’s vehicle trim.
Build-up of the minor trim amendments for the red Nissan Juke.
Animated GIF showing stages of retouching of the red Nissan Juke vehicle trim on left side of the vehicle.
The same trim changes applied to an additional angle of the red variant of the Juke.
Animated GIF showing stages of retouching of the white Nissan Juke vehicle trim on left side and rear of the vehicle.
Removal of the orange trim options not available for the Nissan Juke’s release on the Australian car market.

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