When the Nissan After Sales group decided to swap the available options on their range of Navara Utes, The Fuel Agency approached Stephen again after his previous work on the Nissan Juke retouching. The brief was to exchange the canopy from one model of Navara Ute to another, matching the same visual perspective. Franklin extracted the tray roofs from each vehicle and removed or built up any elements on the base image before placing and adjusting the angle of the composited canopy. The outcome was a seamless interchange of vehicle options, despite the differing camera angles of each photograph.

Art Direction: The Fuel Agency
Photography: Glenn Gibson – Blue Fish Productions
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Completed retouched image of the Nissan Navara ST-X with the composited canopy option from the Navara RX. 
The build-up of retouching shows the removal of the open canopy and the subsequent addition and perspective warping of the replacement option. 
The Completed retouching for the Nissan Navara RX adding the canopy option from the Navara ST-X. 
The perspective change on this composite for the Navara RX was more challenging due to the angles within the Utes tray. Franklin had to build up a base below the canopy, warping the interior lines of the composite image tray to match the lines of the primary vehicle photography.

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