Ishimodo enlisted Stephen’s retouching skills to work on the postproduction of the photo shoot for the Whirlpool Stella washer and dryer. With only the French version of the product available to shoot, each image would need the French control panel information removed and replaced with supplied artwork of the English version. Stephen began by retouching the control surface of the washer and dryer images, providing a clean slate to overlay the correct information. After this, he extended the photoshoot backdrops and added shadows to match the lighting. The result was a clean set of correctly localised images with plenty of surrounding background, enabling easy placement into the final design layouts.

Creative Direction: Ishimodo 
Photography: Adam Cleave
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
For the angled shots Stephen matched the depth of field using a graduated blur.
This series of images and animated GIF clearly shows the retouching workflow for each image. From removing the French control panel information through to the final clean-up of the background.
The background extension was more involved with this image of the Stella dryer.
The dryer required the same treatment, removing all the French information and adding in the English. 
This shot of the wash required some additional edits, shifting the colour of the foreground garment from green to purple to better suit the design layout colours.

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