Following a photo shoot for a TAFE Victoria advertising campaign, the Art Director at The Fuel Agency noticed the lighting reflected in the windows in the background. He wanted these reflections removed as they distracted from the talent in the foreground. Stephen rebuilt the image using the surrounding background elements, removing the unwanted reflections. The result was a natural-looking background that brought the focus of the photography back on the talent for this campaign hero image.

Art Direction: The Fuel Agency
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Completed retouched TAFE campaign hero image.
Stephen worked on the full frame shot which would be late cropped to suit the various campaign formats.
Before image showing the reflections and surveillance sticker.
Before image showing the reflections and surveillance sticker.
After image with reflections and sticker removed.
After image with reflections and sticker removed.
While retouching out the reflections, Franklin was also instructed to remove the camera surveillance sticker.
Animated GIF showing the retouching process.
This animated build-up of the retouching shows the process Stephen used to remove the unwanted elements in the shot.

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