Initial concepts for this project were for a Tony Ferguson 'Original Shake' range of up to eight SKUs. The scope was reduced to a single starter kit containing five shake flavours under the new 'Classic Shake' moniker. Stephen had to adapt the approved front-of-pack design for the Strawberry variant and move it over to the more oversized format carton required for the job. Franklin adjusted the background swirl colour to the primary Tony Ferguson Pink. And he expanded the range of cameo images used to cover the flavours included in the pack. The result was a strongly branded Tony Ferguson product that was true to the original intent of the approved design.

Design Direction: Ishimodo Brand and Design Agency
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Printing: AMR Hewitt
Moving from the square format of the 'Original Shake' concept, Stephen had to rebuild the background swirl to encompass the more horizontal rectangular format of the Classic Shake Starter Kit.

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