, now known as, is a cloud-based service for the construction industry that enables contract parties to administer payment claims online. When were seeking venture capital to take their software to the next level of development, they needed a physical brochure they could leave behind after presenting their investment pitch. Working around the idea of "Cutting out inefficiencies", Stephen developed a bold typographical design, emphasising the succinct headlines written by Copywriter and Art Director Rod Clausen. The outcome was a strongly branded design piece that communicated the revolution represented to the construction industry, providing compelling reasons to invest.

Art Direction: Rod Clausen
Copywriting: Rod Clausen
Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Front cover design with solid dark blue background, logo on top, and large headline below dashed cut here line and scissor graphic.
The front cover design elicited a simple response from the reader. “Our workload could be cut in half”.
Walk-through of the sales presenter showing the build-up to the final pitch offering.
A4 roll fold brochure opened to first spread.
The large, dashed cut here line continued across the first spread, leading the reader through the key benefits of the service.
A4 roll fold brochure open to full three-page spread.
The brochure opens to the final spread, introducing the service, finishing with customer testimonials, and completing the pitch.

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