When Jones and Guihen were supplied with a clean promotional image of a Ford Escape, they needed a retoucher to "dirty it up", creating an action shot for a below the line point of sale campaign they had created. Based on the art direction from the studio's Creative Director, Stephen combined a stock image of mud with the photography supplied by the client. He took great care in positioning the mud, adding dirt to the windows, even adding a wiper mark to the windscreen to heighten the realism of the retouching. To suit the layout, he also had to reverse the image, taking care to make sure the Ford badge and numberplate read correctly. The final retouched image was a perfect fit for the campaign and much less expensive to produce than a photo shoot involving a car and driver. 

Art Direction: Jones & Guihen
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Completed retouching place in artwork layout.
The final artwork was printed as a large format, die cut point of sale piece.
Original car image supplied by client.
Clean version of the car photography with its original right to left positioning.

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