As part of the Telstra BigPond Cable launch, packaging was needed for the cable modem that connected users to the new service. To complement the fiery look of the campaign hero image, Frontline's Art Director chose a stock image of an x-rayed hand that had a similar feel, along with an interesting halftone effect. He wanted to incorporate a mouse to convey the blistering speeds that would be attained with the new service. This required that the Microsoft mouse photograph be matched exactly to the stock image. Stephen was able to achieve the effect in Photoshop, matching both the colour edging and halftone screen exactly. The resulting image was a seamless composite, ready for use in both the packaging and the larger advertising campaign.

Art Direction: The Frontline Agency
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
X-ray view of hand using a mouse, colourised in bright orange, yellow, and magenta with strong halftone effect.
Secondary packaging image showing the matched colouring and halftone effect.

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