LFH was an international branded packaging consultancy, specialising in packaging design, structural design, and print management (artwork, repro, and colour management). Stephen was contracted by LFH as a Senior Creative Artworker and high-end Retoucher. He worked primarily on the colour development of master illustrations, photography and master elements that were tailored to specific print processes for the new Flora Heart design rollout. This involved the management of many artwork SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) across multiple languages. Franklin’s considerable skills in the packaging environment were ideally suited to this type of creative yet highly pressurised business with demanding standards.

Brand Management: LFH Branded Packaging
Creative Artwork: Stephen Franklin
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Flora Original 500g Tub.
The Flora Original tub showing the new Heart design to be rolled out to the entire range.
Flora Original lid artwork.
The Heart design master illustration was carefully crafted for specific print processes.
Layout for the 500g tub artwork.
Great care was taken to maintain a consistent look across multiple pack sizes and print processes.
Flora UK range lid artwork.
Master artwork templates in use with four of the UK variants.
German and French Flora lid artworks.
Localised versions of the Flora artwork for the German and French market.
Specialty version of the French Flora packaging.
This artwork went through rigorous proofing to perfect the visual appearance of multiple metallic inks used in the design.

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College Portfolio
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