While working as Creative Artworker at the Mesh Design studio in Dublin, Ireland, Stephen produced finished artwork for the Sqeez range of juices. This involved working with the print requirements of Tetra Pak packaging, specifically the available printed dot range in halftone images. Stephen had to adjust the images and brand elements to suit. The resulting printed packs had tack sharp images and graphical elements with bright punchy colours. This was representative of the Sqeez brand and gave the range great stand off on shelf in a highly competitive market.

Creative Direction: Mesh Design
Creative Artworking: Stephen Franklin

Each pack designed by Mesh had strong flavour cues both in the imagery and background choices, which needed to be translated to the printed packaging.
Along with the halftone dot requirements, the base colour of the Tetra Pak packaging is not as bright as other substrates. Image saturation needed to be boosted to compensate.
Special attention was given to the Sqeez Blue and Yellow to ensure consistency of the brand colour across the range.

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