At the beginning of 1997, the Australian government began the process of privatising its largest telecommunication provider, Telstra Corporation Limited. Credit Suisse First Boston were in the running to manage its PSO. This was a high stakes game with extraordinarily little time to meet the deadline for submitting their proposal. Franklin was given all the initial content for the publication Friday morning. He began organising the supplied copy, charts, and graphs, and immediately set about to create the base layout grid and PageMaker templates. With time growing short and Monday's deadline looming, it became apparent that Stephen would be unable to meet the timeline alone. He had to enlist the services of two fellow freelance graphic artists to get the job done. With a last-minute Sunday night crunch, Stephen and his team delivered the final document to Credit Suisse First Boston’s office early Monday morning, only hours away from the official government deadline. The outcome? A successful winning bid to manage one of Australia's largest public share offerings.

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Graphic Design: The Graphic Vision team
Copywriting: Credit Suisse First Boston
Telstra PSO document front cover.
Cover for the digitally printed Telstra PSO document.
Open double page spread of the Telstra PSO showing paragraph layout and table design.
A simple single column layout was chosen to deal with dense amounts of information and to meet government specifications.
Open double page spread showing heading styles and typography choices.
A concise section, heading, subheading hierarchy was established to increase legibility. 
Open double page spread showing chart and table designs.
Charts had to be rebuilt in Adobe Illustrator from Microsoft Word and Excel documents to bring them into line with the chosen colours and tints.
Woman holding up A2 Event Chart for the Telstra PSO.
Additionally, an A2 poster sized Event Chart was required to complete the project.

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