Following the unprecedented success of the Windows 95 launch, Frontline's Art Director wanted to display the freedom the new operating system had given its users. A striking image for the cover of the Microsoft catalogue was envisioned, including a model holding high a representation of the Windows logo. The key areas of Business, Education, and Home hinted at in the glass reflections. All accessed through the key new Start feature with users racing forward. After shooting the catalogue photography it was decided that the primary models face, and hand position were unsuitable for the image in mind. Franklin pieced together the composition using the head and hand of a different model. Then placing them in the final layout with the various other elements of the sky, field, window frame with reflections, and foreground tree. The outcome was a balanced, well-crafted image which although hyperreal, provided the necessary impact conceived by the Art Director.

Art Direction: The Frontline Agency
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
The final composition, an emotive image with a user extoling the benefits of Windows 95.

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College Portfolio
Portfolio submitted as a requirement for graduating from the KvB College of Visual Communication, Sydney Australia. Stephen received a diploma in Graphic Design on the 7th of December 1987.
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41 Page proposal document for Credit Suisse First Boston to act as global coordinator for the Telstra PSO (Public Share Offer). Designed the layout including all graphs and charts. Entire document was designed and completed at short notice over 3 days to meet a tight Government deadline.
Stabburet Retouching
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Resource Connections Logo
Logo design for Resource Connections, an independent Australian energy consultant.
Queensland Energy Revolution Report
A seventy-page report on Queensland energy. Franklin designed the complete report including all graphs, charts, and illustrations. The target format was a short run digitally printed document.
Geezah Logo Design
Logo and stencil design for the Geezah Sound System, Dublin Ireland.
SoundNet Newsletter and Masthead
Editorial design and masthead design of SoundNet, the official newsletter of The Oceania Project a non-profit research organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises and the ocean environment.
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