In 1995 the internet was just on the verge of becoming the zeitgeist of the time, and Microsoft wanted to provide a tool to create and manage pages for new and fledgling corporate websites. Frontpage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor and website administration application, was their answer to this need. The Frontline agency, tasked with promoting this new tool to IT Professionals, needed a front cover image for the quarterly magazine it produced for Microsoft titled Communiqué. Franklin created a rich 3D image with a tight composition, allowing space for the magazines masthead and publication information. The result conveyed the excitement of the World Wide Web and its ability to reach and connect with new audiences across the world, all with Frontpage at its centre.

Art Direction: The Frontline Agency
3D Modelling: Stephen Franklin
Textures: Stephen Franklin
Final Microsoft Communiqué front cover image rendered at full-size print resolution and retouched in Photoshop.

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Integrated Vision Marketing Collateral
Creative direction and design of various marketing collateral for Integrated Vision, a leading Australian videoconferencing solutions provider. Stephen, operating as Graphic Vision, partnered with the client to produce a range of items including, a Quarterly Newsletter, DL Brochure, and DL Promotions, managing all designs from concept through to prepress and final print.
Bayer Luna Retouching
Brand Identity Visuals
Landini Associates is a brand management company that combines both the interior design and graphic design disciplines. This image is a concept visualisation created from scratch using a supplied architectural elevation as the base. Briefed on the materials that would be used e.g.. stainless steel, frosted glass, etc. and simulated these using Photoshop.
Nissan Duke Automotive Retouching
Retouching of the Nissan Duke product photography, for use in Nissan After Sales marketing materials.
Carmichaels Logo
BigPond Cable Launch Hero Image
Worked with the Art Director at Frontline to produce a hero image, the centrepiece of the Telstra Big Pond launch campaign. Blended two stock photography images using various distortion effects to create the blurred image on the outside and manipulated colour values to maintain an overall consistency.
Self Initiated Project - Ned Kelly Original Hipster
A personal design project using the image of legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly the Original Hipster.
Nissan Juke Colour Change and Retouching
Colour change of the white Nissan Juke and retouching of model specific trim, for Nissan After Sales marketing materials.
Ishimodo Self Promotion
.A.K. Identity Design
Self-initiated identity design project for London based EDM Producer/Artist .A.K.
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