With a brand name firmly in hand, Brightspark turned their attention to developing a visual identity. Stephen had an open brief for the project with only one constraint. The logo needed to work in both online and print mediums. Franklin began by carefully selecting the typefaces for the logo, finding two styles that complemented each other, and would work well with the limited resolution available online. He then gave the final logo its personality with a shooting ember, a creative spark. Stephen used the colour palette of rich hues to convey a sense of strength and imbue trust in the brand. The outcome was an identity that was serious enough for the corporate client but did not hide its confidence in taking risks in its thinking. 

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
1.	Brightspark letterhead and business card
Three spot colours were used for the stationery allowing the colours to retain their richness.
The logo was developed for use on a solid brand colour background or on white. Colour was only added after the logo worked well in black and white.
Website homepage mock-up
Working well in an online environment was integral to the design.

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