Resource Connections was the business name of an independent consultant based in Sydney, Australia. He was at the forefront of the Natural Gas revolution about to happen in the mid 1990’s and needed a logo that spoke to the knowledge he had about this emerging market. Stephen approached the design the same way as he would a large fortune five hundred company. The logo needed to be simple yet communicate the core business intent instantly. He developed an X brandmark with blue tones, representative of the energy supply, with a strong supporting typeface for the business name and subsequent tagline. The result is a logo that belied the lone consultant behind the business and projected a sense of strength and confidence typical of a large company. An essential trait for attracting corporate clients.

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Resource Connections showing X like brandmark made up of a dark blue and light blue stroke.
The complete Resource Connections logo, comprised of the brandmark design, business name and tagline.

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