The brief for the creative artwork on the John Bullers packaging was simple, maintain strong flavour appeal across the range while keeping the look consistent. Stephen achieved this by building a base structure for both the mechanical artwork of the packaging, as well as the retouching for the background and hero images for each variant. The variant colours were separated out into their own spot colours with black gradients or tints overprinted on top. For the hero image a single base pie image was used for the plate and crust with the filling later composited into shot. The outcome was a range of products that had a tight visual consistency but enough standout on shelf for consumer recognition.

Creative Direction: Mesh Design
Creative Artworking: Stephen Franklin

Two printed samples from the John Bullers range of family pies.
Great care was taken in structuring the base artwork files. This ensured consistency on press and with any further expansion of the John Bullers range.
Printed sample of the John Bullers Chicken and Mushroom Pie.
The green colour of the variant name banner, and panel behind the product name, are global spot colours and easily updated for range extensions.
Printed sample of the John Bullers Steak and Kidney Pie.
A base hero image was created for the plate and pie crust. Each variant’s filling was later composited into shot, as seen here and with the previous example.

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