When the Art Director at Frontline made the following request, "Combine the look and feel of the background land and sky image with a stock illustration of a man carrying a briefcase and have it all centred around a globe". Stephen replied, “No problem!”. He first created the globe utilising some of the background water colour texture. Then a vector outline of the land mass was added using the colour palette of the ground below. Layered above this initial work was a stock image of cross hatching that echoed the hatch work found in the man and briefcase. Using the same cross hatching a shadow was added below the globe to tie it into the background. The outcome is a unified visual that created a new and compelling piece of digital artwork. 

Art Direction: The Frontline Agency
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Repeated image of a man with a briefcase walking around an illustrated globe, suspended above the ground.
Completed composition with original man and briefcase stock image stepped around the newly created globe.

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BigPond Cable Packaging Image
Worked with the Art Director at the Frontline agency to produce this secondary pack image, used as part of a Telstra Big Pond Cable Modem packaging. Involved matching and applying the colour halftone screen effect of the hand image to an image of the Microsoft mouse, combining both into a seamless composition.
Queensland Energy Revolution Report
A seventy-page report on Queensland energy. Franklin designed the complete report including all graphs, charts, and illustrations. The target format was a short run digitally printed document.
College Portfolio
Portfolio submitted as a requirement for graduating from the KvB College of Visual communication, Sydney Australia. Stephen received a diploma in Graphic Design on the 7th of December 1987.
Escape to Luz Brand Identity
Identity design for Escape to Luz, a Dublin based holiday company which organises personalised trips to the Costa del la Luz in the Southwest of Spain.
Braams Brand and Marketing Collateral
Creative direction and production of Braams Property Services design collateral, and marketing materials from 1997 through to 2001.
Donegal Catch Packaging Artwork
While working as the Creative Artworker at Mesh Design, Stephen was tasked with building the finished artwork for the Donegal Catch range from Green Isle foods.
Ecotech Logo Design and Stationery
Logo design and stationery for Ecotech Recycling, Dublin, Ireland.
Microsoft Catalogue Cover Image
Cover image of the Microsoft Windows product catalogue produced for the Frontline agency, Sydney, Australia. This image is a composite of multiple stock photography images and a photographic shoot involving two models: one for positioning and one for face and hands.
Testra PSO Document
41 Page proposal document for Credit Suisse First Boston to act as global coordinator for the Telstra PSO (Public Share Offer). Designed the layout including all graphs and charts. Entire document was designed and completed at short notice over 3 days to meet a tight Government deadline.
Brightspark Brand Identity
Identity design for Brightspark, a Dublin-based digital marketing agency.
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