When the Art Director at Frontline made the following request, "Combine the look and feel of the background land and sky image with a stock illustration of a man carrying a briefcase and have it all centred around a globe". Stephen replied, “No problem!”. He first created the globe utilising some of the background water colour texture. Then a vector outline of the land mass was added using the colour palette of the ground below. Layered above this initial work was a stock image of cross hatching that echoed the hatch work found in the man and briefcase. Using the same cross hatching a shadow was added below the globe to tie it into the background. The outcome is a unified visual that created a new and compelling piece of digital artwork. 

Art Direction: The Frontline Agency
Retouching: Stephen Franklin
Repeated image of a man with a briefcase walking around an illustrated globe, suspended above the ground.
Completed composition with original man and briefcase stock image stepped around the newly created globe.

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