When Ciara approached Stephen to design the logo and marketing materials for her family holiday company, Escape to Luz, she wanted him to convey the natural beauty of the area they were promoting. With its sun-soaked beaches, small fishing villages and exquisite cities brimming with Andalusian authenticity. Stephen tapped into his firsthand experience of the region, creating a stylised sun brandmark heavily influenced by the Moorish designs he had seen in the Alhambra in Granada. To complement this stylised graphic, he used the Zapfino typeface for the brand name, with its large flourishes and slightly Arabic feel. The colour palette for the identity used a sea blue, rich orange and a burnt yellow to reflect the coastal setting of Costa del la Luz. As part of the project Stephen also produced a marketing brochure, designing the layout and illustrating the cover, drawing inspiration for the image from the local Spanish architecture. The outcome was a brand identity that conjured up images of splendour, freedom, and a true “Escape to the Light”.

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin 
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Escape to Luz business cards.
Stephen utilised a clean white background for the front of the business card.
Escape to Luz black and white logo.
Escape to Luz black and white logo.
Escape to Luz colour logo.
Escape to Luz colour logo.
Franklin ensured the brandmark and final logo lockup worked in black and white before designing the colour version.
a.	Escape to Luz brochure illustration with sun streaming over terracotta tiled roofs.
Stephen drew inspiration for the brochure cover illustration from the local Spanish architecture, with its bright white walls, and terracotta roof tiles.
Escape to Luz illustrated brochure cover with orange coloured back cover including an illustration of a Spanish fan.
The tent fold brochure was designed with a 1950’s poster or postcard aesthetic.
Escape to Luz brochure and internal layout.
The rays of the sun graphic provided a unique look to the internal layout of the promotional brochure.

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