Landini Associates is a brand management company that combines both the brand design and interior design disciplines for its clientele. As a multidisciplinary studio they need to be able to effectively communicate the feel of a project early in the design process. This helps their clients visualise a proposed direction. As a freelance visualiser, Stephen was employed by Landini to help create these concept images. Starting with line work of the supplied CAD elevations, Franklin initially built up the textures and lighting, then added mock-ups of branded elements such as packaging, signage, and stock imagery of people to populate the rendered scene. Final prints were produced at a generous size and mounted on foamboard for client presentations. The result was compelling large format images that conveyed the design choices to the client and initiated valuable conversations with the project’s primary stakeholders.

Creative Direction: Landini Associates
Visualisation: Stephen Franklin
Visualisation of restaurant section for a retail project
Render of a project’s kitchen area showing the textures, lighting, and proposed menu boards.
Render of store front retail project
Additional render showing the store front section, highlighting the design development of the brand packaging.
Side elevation render of Volvo Gallery
Visualisation of the proposed design for the Volvo Gallery, Sydney, Australia. With showroom, waiting area, boardroom, and storage facilities.
New Zealand Natural store front design
Concept visualisation for a New Zealand Natural store showing the menu system and branded display cabinets.

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