The inhouse designer at AGL needed illustrations of children’s alphabet blocks to help illustrate the message that using their new bill payment system was “child’s play”. The brief was to keep the images bright and cheerful while at the same time limiting them to two colours to suit the final output of the brochure. Stephen began by creating a master illustration for the hero image. He then broke these down into individual pieces so the designer could place them throughout the brochure as needed. As part of the concept of saving time with the new bill payment system, Stephen also created a friendly alarm clock illustration in the same visual style. The result was a playful set of print ready illustrations allowing AGL's designer to focus on the overall layout and design.

Art Direction: Lucinda Cox
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
Master hero illustration built with Adobe Dimensions and Adobe Illustrator. The final image was brought into Photoshop to add the shadow and create the finished duotone image.
Additional alarm clock illustration required in a couple of poses.
Individual block illustrations separated out for use by AGL’s inhouse designer.

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