The Oceania Project needed a platform to disseminate information it was gathering, including current news, action alerts and research. To handle such dense amounts of material, Stephen created a tight typographical four column grid with feature sections to help break up the copy. The overall design successfully allowed the Oceania Project to quickly spread the latest news from around the world to its community of supporters and fellow researchers in the scientific community.

Creative Direction: Stephen Franklin
Editorial Design: Stephen Franklin
Illustration: Stephen Franklin
SoundNet issues spread out to show the masthead and issue number.
SoundNet was published as a short form newsletter and printed on recycled paper. The publication would later transition to a monthly email newsletter.
SoundNet typography showing the joined lowercase d and uppercase N.
Stephen created a masthead that joined the ‘d’ of Sound and the ‘N’ of Net, saving space without affecting the legibility of the publication’s name.
Front cover of SoundNet issue number 3 with illustration of dolphin caught in a driftnet.
The full masthead lockup incorporated elements of The Oceania Project logo, with the issue number running below.
Stephen used a basic four column grid for the layout, creating unique headline lockups for each article. He broke up the dense flow of type with many of his own illustrations while highlighting valuable information in breakout boxes.

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Concept Visualisations for Landini Associates
Concept visualisations created for Landini Associates client projects. Each image was based on supplied architectural elevations, along with a creative brief for the materials to be used for the interior design.
Integrated Vision Marketing Collateral
Creative direction and design of various marketing collateral for Integrated Vision, a leading Australian videoconferencing solutions provider. Stephen, operating as Graphic Vision, partnered with the client to produce a range of items including, a Quarterly Newsletter, DL Brochure, and DL Promotions, managing all designs from concept through to prepress and final print.
Freedom Unlimited Website
Design and development of the Freedom Unlimited website, Dublin, Ireland.
The Oceania Project Logo
Logo design for The Oceania Project, a Not-for-profit research and information organisation established in 1988, dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) and the ocean environment.
Geezah Logo Design
Logo and stencil design for the Geezah Sound System, Dublin Ireland.
Microsoft Windows Server NT Image
Cover illustration created for a Microsoft Windows Server NT sales brochure for the Frontline agency, Sydney. 
Grandiosa Lørdagspizza Packaging Retouching
Retouching of the front of pack hero image for the Norwegian frozen pizza brand Grandiosa.
ABOL User Interface Icons
Created user interface icons for various use cases for the Australian Business Online (ABOL) website, commissioned by Hothouse Interactive, Sydney, Australia.
BigPond Cable Launch Hero Image
Worked with the Art Director at Frontline to produce a hero image, the centrepiece of the Telstra Big Pond launch campaign. Blended two stock photography images using various distortion effects to create the blurred image on the outside and manipulated colour values to maintain an overall consistency.
Merrilake Promotional Calendar Illustration
Stephen's contribution to the Merrilake agency’s promotional calendar. He was requested to respond to the brief "Merrilake Illustrators are not just bums on seats!" in the style of his favourite artist. Salvador Dali's "Sleep" was Franklin's inspiration.
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