This project’s challenge was to maintain the colour consistency of the Donegal Catch brand lockup across a range of four SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Franklin achieved this by separating out the blue band and the red of the NEW flash as separate Pantone spot colours. This allowed the printers to control the colour of the Donegal Catch branding and product photography independently from the brand lockup’s bell shape. Stephen also worked on maintaining the same level of uniformity with the retouching of the hero images. He matched the plate colours with the background compositions on each product variant. The result was artwork that maintained a high level of colour consistency across the range, on press, and across multiple print runs.

Creative Direction: Mesh Design
Creative Artworking: Stephen Franklin
The spot blue colour seen here in use on the band of the bell-shaped brand lockup.
Care was taken in retouching the colour of the product hero’s plate to match the colour of the background composition created by the Mesh design team.
The logo was composed of clean breakdown of Cyan and Yellow ink percentages to stay consistent with the green of the Donegal Brand.

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Merrilake Promotional Calendar Illustration
Stephen's contribution to the Merrilake agency’s promotional calendar. He was requested to respond to the brief "Merrilake Illustrators are not just bums on seats!" in the style of his favourite artist. Salvador Dali's "Sleep" was Franklin's inspiration.
Testra PSO Document
41 Page proposal document for Credit Suisse First Boston to act as global coordinator for the Telstra PSO (Public Share Offer). Designed the layout including all graphs and charts. Entire document was designed and completed at short notice over 3 days to meet a tight Government deadline.
Coco Pops Back of Pack Illustration
A promotional back of pack illustration for Kellogg's Coco Pops cereal packaging.
Queensland Energy Revolution Report
A seventy-page report on Queensland energy. Franklin designed the complete report including all graphs, charts, and illustrations. The target format was a short run digitally printed document.
FOOD Club Night 1st Birthday Poster and Flyer
Street poster and flyer for FOOD club night 1st Birthday celebrations, Dublin, Ireland.
BigPond Cable Packaging Image
Worked with the Art Director at the Frontline agency to produce this secondary pack image, used as part of a Telstra Big Pond Cable Modem packaging. Involved matching and applying the colour halftone screen effect of the hand image to an image of the Microsoft mouse, combining both into a seamless composition.
Resource Connections Logo
Logo design for Resource Connections, an independent Australian energy consultant.
Braams Brand and Marketing Collateral
Creative direction and production of Braams Property Services design collateral, and marketing materials from 1997 through to 2001.
Wyeth BioPharma Work Life Harmony Week
Designed both print and digital components for the Wyeth Bio Pharma - Work/Life Harmony Week. This included various printed pamphlets and messaging pieces along with the UX/UI for the program’s website.
Green Isle Stir-Fry Packaging Artwork
Creative artworking on the Green Isle Stir-Fry flexographic packaging finished artwork.
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