Following on from the success of the World Vision 2016 Annual Health and Nutrition report, the Ishimodo Agency briefed Stephen on the 2017 publication. With an established, well-received design, this year's brief was to reduce the document to twenty pages. Franklin refined the layout elements, tightening the section start headers and reducing the size of the breakout boxes, now re-purposed as recommendations. As a result, the report was half the size of the previous year, bringing it down to sixteen pages. Making the final publication suitable for print and digital while losing none of the design elements that made it informative and engaging.

Design Direction: Ishimodo Brand and Design Agency
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Front cover showing a smiling young boy looking up to the title of the publication.
The cover of the 2017 Annual Review went back to a full bleed image like the World Vision 2015 Health and Nutrition Report.
Inside page spread with Introduction on the left and Contents page on the right.
Stephen used the World Vision warm grey from the brand guidelines for the Contents page with a full colour image below. This set the style that was used with the recommendation break-out boxes on the following pages. 
Section spread showing the design changes to various layout elements from the previous publication.
To save space in this year’s report Franklin reduced the section header depth and made the breakout box design smaller and more densely packed with information. 
Section spread showing reflection box and links at the end of the article.
Based on Ishimodo's design direction, Stephen added a reflections box at the end of each section, along with external links to supporting articles, which acted as a call to action for each section.
Section spread with half-page image under section header and intro copy.
The new condensed layout still allowed for some half-page imagery.
Section spread showing condensed pull quote on right hand page.
Pull quotes were also reduced in font size to save space.
Back cover page with hopeful image of smiling boy.
The back cover design was kept from the previous World Vision Annual Reports.

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