Based on the success of the VLCD Product Range launch and momentum in the low-calorie diet shake market, Tony Ferguson wanted to push ahead with the launch of their Rapid shakes. With the VLCD and Classic ranges in store, Ishimodo needed to ensure that the Rapid packaging sat comfortably with the other Tony Ferguson products. Starting with approved initial concepts, Franklin added elements from existing packs to the design. He took the background swirl and the hero shake image from the Classic range packaging, adding a splash to create a sense of movement. The Tony Ferguson silver was also introduced on the pack as a secondary colour. The result was a robust, individual design with a significant presence on the shelf that had a direct visual connection to the rest of the Tony Ferguson product family.

Design Direction: Ishimodo Brand and Design Agency
Graphic Design: Stephen Franklin
Printing: AMR Hewitt
The Tony Ferguson Rapid Shake range product packaging for Chocolate, Vanilla Flavour and Espresso variants.
Starting with a supplied concept that looked visually complex, Stephen simplified the design of the range down to a clear hierarchy. The Tony Ferguson master brand and sub brand, flavour variant, followed by the product sell features and weight statement.
The Chocolate variant from the Tony Ferguson Rapid Shake range.
The speed lines on the Rapid type were kept from the original concept, with the silver secondary colour added to help tie in the range with other Tony Ferguson products.
The Espresso variant from the Tony Ferguson Rapid Shake range.
Stephen took the still shake image from the front of the Classic range, adding angular movement to the composition by retouching in a milk splash to the contents of the glass. 
The Vanilla variant from the Tony Ferguson Rapid Shake range.
The final elements that added familiarity to the Rapid range were the background image from the Classic pack and the modified silver sell feature panels from the VLCD packaging

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