Vision to reality. Listen, understand, create.

Stephen Franklin Design helps individuals and small business owners transform their creative vision into reality. Our Ballarat based consultancy sits squarely at a valuable intersection of expertise – creative direction and technical production. This provides the knowledge and skills needed to create and implement a unique brand architecture for each of our clients. We listen to your story and take the time to understand you and your business. This helps us to see the big picture and how it relates to your customers and the world at large. With this high-level overview in hand, we distil down into an actionable workflow the steps necessary to take your product to market. Our knowledge of brand identity, product packaging, combined with specialised visual design skills and love of the craft, enables us to create the right solution to suit your brand. Tell us your story and let us help you take the next step toward realising your vision.

ARC Victoria Brand Identity
Little Yellow Cloud Brand Identity
Oban Quality Brand Identity, Stationery & Website
Oban Quality brand identity, stationery and collateral including a refresh of the existing Oban Consulting logo and website.
Tony Ferguson Product Range
Design, development and finished artwork for the Tony Ferguson range of calorie controlled weight loss products.
LaserMAX Brand Packaging
Potato Face Stacked Chips Packaging Design
Packaging design and character development of the Potato Face brand of stacked chips for Dallas International.
Jaguar Retouching
Nissan Juke Colour Change and Retouching
Colour change of the white Nissan Juke and retouching of model specific trim, for Nissan After Sales marketing materials.
Whirlpool Stella Washer Dryer Retouching
Retouching of the Whirlpool Stella range of washers and dryers for the Ishimodo Brand Design agency.
Escape to Luz Illustration
Cover illustration for the Escape to Luz promotional brochure.
Fruit Loops Back of Pack Illustration
A promotional back of pack illustration created for Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal packaging.
TAFE NSW Snakes & Ladders TVC Illustration
Snakes and ladders illustration used as the central prop for a TAFE NSW television commercial. Final artwork was produced at a size of 3 x 3 metres and used on set. The largest snake was later animated and composited with live action to complete the ad.
Self Initiated Project - Smiley Old Skool Raver
Self initiated design project ‘Smiley’ emoticon.
Self Initiated Project - Ned Kelly Original Hipster
A personal design project using the image of legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly the Original Hipster.
.A.K. Identity Design
Self-initiated identity design project for London based EDM Producer/Artist .A.K.
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